Batemans Bay Heritage Area

Batemans Bay, Batemans Bay

At least 13 sawmills were operating around the Clyde River by the 1880’s, some near Nelligen. Names associated with the Bay’ sawmills include Francis Guy, Perry and Mitchell.

Fishing and oyster farming also became significant industries. Shipping gradually favoured the Bay at Nelligen’s expense.

Batemans Bay grew as a regional centre last century due to its being the closest seaside town to the growing national capital, Canberra. It became a popular holiday destination particularly for Canberra residents.

The demise of coastal shipping in the early 1950’s and the soth coast’s subsequent reliance on road transport meant the construction of Batemans Bay Bridge in 1956 provided a vital link to the south.

The last sawmill at Batemans Bay closed in 2012.

What to do:
Visit the Batemans Bay Heritage Museum
Take a cruise up the Clyde River to Nelligen
Enjoy the Batemans Bay Historic Walk

t: 1800 802 528

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