Snorkelling Sunshine Cove Beach

Sunshine Cove Beach, Sunshine Bay

How to get there: Sunshine Cove Beach is only five kilometres south of Batemans Bay along Beach Road at Sunshine Bay.

Sunshine Cove Beach is ideal for families keen to try some snorkelling in relatively calm waters. It’s a picturesque location, protected from southerly swells and enclosed by two prominent headlands. The beach is a mixture of pebbles and sand and is a real getaway close to town.

There is a mixture of rocky reef, sandy bottom and seaweed beds. Novices and experienced snorkellers are likely to see endemic fish such as red morwong, luderick, bream and groper as well as lobsters and abalone. It is a Habitat Protection Zone of the Batemans Marine Park, so certain rules apply. Please check the zoning plan available from visitor centres and most bait and tackle stores in the area.

t: 1800 802 528

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